DNC Defense

Nathan and I took some time to develop our logo and it was important to us to encompass our work experience, passion, and overall training goal within the DNC Defense® symbol.

The multiple circles represent the levels of training and depth that can be accomplished through proper training. "DNC" comes from our initials, Daniel and Nathaniel Cole. The five-point star on each side represents each of us starting our law enforcement and martial arts careers in the Lonestar State of Texas.

"Walk Away Unconquered" comes from a Cole family motto we traced back to our Scottish heritage. We immediately identified with this warrior mentality and added it as the goal of the training we provide. The inner circle has a shield overlapped with a triangle. The shield represents our experience as officers, law enforcement instructors, and service to the community. The triangle is a common martial arts representation of angles, footwork, etc. It also serves as a platform to explain articulations for use of force.

Finally, the skulls crashing is a representation of the classic clash of Good vs. Evil. The "Good" skull breaking and defeating the "Evil" skull comes from our firm belief in the notion that evil only prevails when good men and women do nothing. The complexity and overlap of the inner circle represents the skills and abilities a person can acquire to "Walk Away Unconquered" when they receive professional, relevant, and realistic training.