DNC Defense® Firearms Instructors provide training to shooters of all levels. Depending on your individual or team goals and needs, instructors can tailor a program that is best for you. Firearm training options are provided in private, group, or program environments and range from fundamental pistol, rifle, and shotgun to advanced tactical operations training. Pricing for group firearms training varies depending on size of group, desired skill level, and complexity.

Basic Private Firearms Training: $100 per hour
*Hourly pricing can be shared by two people. Minimum of two hour booking required.*


DNC Defense™ offers an 8-hour Concealed Carry Operator Program for individuals who hold a concealed carry license, but desire more training to increase confidence in carrying and build skills for higher level tactical training. The program reviews articulations for use of force, firearms safety, and fundamental pistol skills before students learn how to operate their weapon system in coordination with basic tactical movement, positions of fire, appropriate engagement distances, and multiple target acquisition. The goal of this program is to properly develop a shooter's proficiency and automatic gun fighting responses so their weapon stays operational while deploying gun fighting tactics. Shooter's need to learn how to appropriately operate their weapon systems without thinking (automaticity) so all attention can be focused on tactics in rapidly changing environments. Students who successfully shoot 80% or higher on the DNC Defense® Concealed Carry Operator Course of Fire will receive a signed certificate of completion and qualify to register for the Concealed Carry Operator Level 2 course. After completion of the Level 2 course, students qualify to register for "DNC" Operator courses. Level 1 and 2 courses can be completed in one or two days. Courses require a minimum of five (5) students. Cost per student is $420 and includes a DNC Defense® shirt.


The "DNC" Operator courses are designed for those shooters who want to challenge themselves to a higher level of tactical operations training usually only made available to law enforcement and military personnel. The DNC Defense® Concealed Carry Operator Program Level 1 and 2 courses are pre-requisite requirements and will prepare shooters for the base level knowledge needed to complete "DNC" Operator courses. It is expected shooter's arrive to these courses having already developed proper automatic responses with their weapon systems. "DNC" Operator courses offered include: Vehicle CQB; Room Clearing, Entry, and Egress; Close Quarter Combatives; Force on Force Training; Low Light Tactics; and Weapon Retention & One-Handed Survival Skills. These courses will challenge you, test your skill set, and provide you with a solid tactical operations base. Course costs very beginning at $500 per student. Each course requires a minimum of five (5) students. Students who successfully complete courses will receive signed certificates. Students who complete ALL "DNC" Operator courses earn the right to wear our "Operator" swag, will be presented with an "Operator" plaque, and may qualify to assist in future training.

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