Law Enforcement and Protective Service Agencies face a multitude of challenges in this modern era while working to fulfill their mission. It has never been more important to base training and education on evidence-based practices and research to prepare and optimize officer's and agent's performance. We are proud to offer multiple curriculums and partner with Defend 13® and Rogue Jiu-Jitsu to provide law enforcement and private security agencies around the world with enhanced use of force training and education to increase officer safety and ensure the protection of the community.

Our team and partners have extensive experience as law enforcement officers and professionally certified instructors in firearms and defense tactics, agency program development, protective operations/services, surveillance and counter-surveillance, motorcade tactics, executive detail protection, threat/attack management, security assessment, intelligence gathering, communications, and evacuation tactics. We understand the complexity and challenges officers face using force in the line of duty and agents face providing protective services in multiple environments.

Specialized programs include, but are not limited to executive protection detail training, edged weapon defense, ground defense, weapon retention, firearms training, stress management, advanced striking, scenario-based training, course evaluations, and instructor facilitation and development courses. Whether you need updated core curriculum, advanced techniques for higher level operators and specialized teams, or are interested in learning about evidence-based practices and research to apply to your agency's training, DNC Defense® and its partners can tailor a program to fit your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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